Jetsun Milarepa

In the beginning, your son is a charming little god;

You love him so much that you cannot bear it.

In the middle he ferociously(crazily or madly) demands his due;

You give him everything, but he is never satisfied.

He brings home someone else’s daughter,

Pushing his kindly parents out.

When his father calls him, he doesn’t deign(lower oneself) to answer.

When his mother calls, he doesn’t even hear.

In the end, he is like a distant neighbor.

You destroy yourself nourishing(feeding) a swindler(person who cheats another) like that.

How frustrating it is to beget(bear) your own enemies!

I’ve(I in a sense Jetsun Mila)  cast off this harness(gear for controlling an animal or belt) that tethers(join together) us to samsara.

I(I in a sense Jetsun Mila)  don’t want any of these worldly sons.

He goes on:

In the beginning a daughter is a smiling little goddess,

Imperiously(over bearing or arrogant) monopolizing(dominate or control) all your best possessions(control or ownership).

In the middle, she endlessly asks her dude(friend):

She openly demands things from his father,

And steals them from her mother on the sly(dishonest).

Never satisfied with what she’s given,

She’s a source of despair to her kindly parents.

In the end, she’s a red-faced ogress(beast- large wild animal):

At best, she’s an asset(advantage) to someone else,

At worst, she’ll bring, calamity(disaster or tragedy) upon you.

How frustrating she is, this ravaging(destroyer) monster!

I’ve cast off this incurable(unfixable or unchangeable) sorrow.

I don’t want a daughter who’ll lead me to ruin(situation of devastation).


In the beginning friends meet you joyfully, they smile

And the whole valley rings with “Come in!” and “Sit down!”

In the middle they return your hospitality with meat and beer,

Item for item, exactly one for one.

In the end, they cause strife(struggle or battle) based on hate or attachment.

How frustrating they are, those evil friends with all their quarrels!

I’ve given up my dining companions of easy times.

I don’t want any worldly friends.