The True Purpose of Our Life

“The True Purpose of Our Life”

As in the Vajrayana Buddhism it says, “Whether there is next life or not, it doesn’t matter, when the dying hour arrives, if you don’t afraid, don’t worry or regret to die, you’re satisfied fully, that’s it! Make sure that you live happily, helping others, practicing Dharma activities, if we do that much, then our mission is successful, the purpose of our life, for what reason we are born is accomplish. So whether there is next life or not, it doesn’t matter because you’ve been satisfied with your life and if there is next life, than you’re lucky, you’ll get the more better form and mind”.

We’ve been fulfilling all the wishes of our five senses from the beginningless time, and we forget the reason or goal why we are born for, we just lost in a very deep illusion like dream. So this is a time to awake, whether we can practice fully or not whether we get some level in meditation or not, whether we will achieve the stage of Arahanthood or Bodhisattva or not it doesn’t matter, if our mind(heart) is base on loving-kindness, compassion, sympathetic joy & impartiality, towards others to all the sentient beings including your ownself, the purpose of our life is complete. Therefore, it doesn’t matter there is next life or not.

As the H.H the 14th Dalai Lama says, “The purpose of our life is to be happy”.

So let’s don’t waste our time finding the reason why we are born in this world, why do we suffer, why there is pain and why can’t happiness last forever until we die, its because we are protecting something which is not suppose to be protected, they are attachment, aversion, ignorance, pride and envy.  If we just cut out the root of suffering we are just free and happiness is all yours. Be happy, be loving caring and help others. This is it, the purpose of our life. have a nice day friends, live every moment happily! and smiling 🙂 because life is very beautiful and who knows we shall get this life again or not.