The Turning of the Secret Mantra Wheel: – Sutrayana and Tantrayanas were appeared in India and after translating in Tibetan it was renowned as ancient and new tradition. There were three great descents of the teachings according to Nyingma tradition. They were-

(1)   Intentional- (for the conquerors), in which Buddha samantabhadara in the form of Bajradhara came forth to preach Buddha teachings. Those teachings were taught in Akanistha, Tusita, mount Sumeru, Oddiyana and Shambhala.  (2) Symbolic- (for the Bodhisattvas), in which Buddha teachings were taught by Three Buddha family accordingly. Avalokitesvara taught to Nagas, Manjusri taught to Devas and Vajrapani taught to Yaksas. Aural linages- (for Yogins), for the mundane individuals teachings were written in ten million verses by the great masters.

The Linage of Mahayoga, the Class of Tantras: –

King Ja – Intuitively understanding the “vision of Vajrasattva” and practiced for seven months. Thus he obtained the empowerment of pristine cognition resultwise he understood the symbolic conventions and its meanings. He was empowered by the lord of secrets.

Kukuraja – King ja taught the meaning of symbolic to Kukuraja. Intuitively understanding he divided the Mahayoga tantras into Eighteen Great Tantra-pitaka and again taught them to King ja.                                                                                                                                   Lilavajra – well known as Visvarupa or ‘Everyform”, he was particularly studied Tripitaka, Philosophical tenets and Ordinary Sciences. He preserved the teachings of the way of the Mantras.

Buddhaguhya – From the master Lilavajra, Buddhaguhya was learned the Yoga tantras, five inner unsurpassed Tantrapitaka and also particularly adept of the magical net.

Vajrahasya – Vajrahasya composed the commentary on the Guhyasamaja which was expounded by the King Ja and Kukuraja. He bestowed the empowerment of Cakrasamvara.

Prabhahasti – Entirely learned from the Tri-pitaka and learning from the other great masters he mastered all the Tantras and obtained supreme accomplishment.

Padmasambhava – Padmasambhava was the emanation of Buddha Amitabha. Well practiced in secret Mantra he had studied all the sutras, tantras and sciences under the many scholars and accomplished the Master of India.

The Linage of Mahayoga, the Class of means for Attainment: –

Humkara – Humkara was learned from the Vedas and non-Buddhist textual traditions. He performed the ritual service. Thus he obtained the supreme accomplishment and spiritual power. Transmitted precepts of Yangdak were belonged to Master Humkara.

Manjusrimitra – The transmitted precepts of Yamantaka was fallen to Manjusrimitra. He was also learned from the Vedas and attained the exalted level of coalescence. After the origin of the Yamantaka it became Kyo tradition in Tibet.                                                                                        Nagarjuna – The transmitted precepts of Hayagriva was fallen to sublime Master Nagarjuna. He introduced the Eight Mahakala Tantras and other large number of Tantras too. After obtaining the cognition of pristine wisdom he was exalted and attained the body of indestructible reality.

Prabhahasti and Padmasambhava – The transmitted precepts of Vajrakila tantras, were fallen to these two Masters. These enlightenment activity precepts were fully comprehended by those two masters respectively, they turn, explained them extensively to other fortune disciples.

The Linage of Anuyoga, the Perfection Stage: –

Kambalapada – Master Kambalapada was the son of the King Ja. He had introduced the Cakrasamvara Tanra. Defeating the host of Maras and Dakinis, He became an awareness holder with his retinue in Oddiyana.                                                                                                                          Sakyamitra – Sakyamitra was very learned in Yoga tantras and he was empowered by his eleven teachers. He wrote a commentary on Orament of Kosala. Sakyamitra taught the Tantras to Dhanaraksita and later on Dhanaraksita composed a treatise, which became a root of the tantra teachings.

The Linage of Atiyoga, the Great Perfection: –

Garap Dorje and Manjusrimitra – Garap Dorje alias Ashen Zombie was empowered in the place called Suryaprakasa. He was the son of Sudharma, Grandson of Uparaja and Alokabhasvati. Garap Dorje’s memory was fully contained with the scriptures of outer and inner vehicles. In the bank of River Danatika of Sitavana Charnel Ground, he gave his teachings to Manjusrimitra. Manjusrimitra divided the great perfection into six million and four hundred thousand verses in three classes. He taught the doctrines to Dakinis, animals and the many practitioners in the Sosadvipa Charnel Ground.                                                                                                                            Buddhajanapada – Buddhajanapada was the disciple of Manjusrimitra. He was the vajra master of great mandalas. Buddhajanapada learnt the Guhyasamaja Tantra from the master Manjusrimitra. After all, Buddhajanapada composed the many great treatises such as Point of Liberation, Means for Attainment etc.                                                                                                         Sri Simha, Jnanasutra and Vimalamitra – Sri Simha was the disciple of the Bhelakirtia and later he became the disciple of sublime Manjusrimitra. He divided the Tantras into four great perfections in the China. They are- Outer, Inner, Secret and Unsurpassedly secret. Jnanad sutra also made a great effort to expose the secret Tantra books. He gave all teachings to Vimalamitra. Later on, Vimalamitra obtained the pristine cognition and the body of supreme transformation gone forth to Tibet to spread Tantra teachings.