History of Tantra/Buddhism In Tibet

The Origin of the Conqueror’s Teaching in Tibet: –

Buddhism in Tibet revealed when the King Lha Thotori Nyentsen was born as an emanation of Bodhisattva Samantabhdra and a casket was fallen from the sky on the palace roof. This incident was the beginning point of the Buddhism in Tibet.

The Three Ancestral Religious Kings: –

King Songtsen Gampo – King Songtsen Gampo was an emanation of Avalokitesvara. He invited the master Kusara and Brahman Sankara from India, master Silamanju from Nepal and master Ho Shang Mo-Ho-Yen from China. They translated many sections of Tripitaka and Tantras and introduced in Tibet.

King Trhisong Detsen and the coming of Padmasabhava – Fifth reign after Songtsen King Trhisong Detsen an emanation of Manjughosa appeared in Tibet. Due to the assault of Demons and hunting deities he sent a message Master Padmasambhava to subdue them. Thus Master Padmashambhava was arrived in Tibet.

Santaraksita – Scholar Santaraksita, with the master Padmasambhava and other intellectual master, translated the transmitted precepts of the sutra, mantra traditions as well as the foremost commentarial treatises into Tibean.

Master Padmasambhava – Master taught the hundred thousand verses of the Vajrakila Tantra, the Garland of Views, Esoteric instructions and other works in Tibet. He also taught the doctrine to the maras and the deities in the form of Dorje Trolo, in the form of Guru Trakpo etc.

King Relpacen – Master Relpacen was an emanation of the Master Vajrapani. He built the temple of Cangdo Peme Trashi gepel. He invited Surendrabodhi, Danasila and many scholars from India. They translated and revised the Transcendental Perfection of Discriminative awareness in one hundred thousand lines and also divided into sixteen sections.

Above them, Songtsen Gampo, Trhison Detsen and Relpacen are regarded as the three ancestral Kings in Tibet.

The Decline and Expansion of the Doctrine during the Intermediate Period: –

At a later date, Langdarma Udumtsen was killed by the Lhalung Pelgi Dorje because he prescuted the doctrine. Later on Osung and Pelkortseb built temples. To take forth the true doctrines they carefully saved in temples they maintained, classified teachings, preserved and exposed them as well.

The Revival and later Expansion of the Teaching: –

Mar Sakyamuni, Yo Gejung and Tsang Rapsel made a journey to spread the teachings towards Kham. Ordaining Monks themselves, with the other Chinese monks and with the great guru Lacen Ganpa Rapsel, they propagated the teachings widely in central Tibet and other places.