Classification of Tantra

Kriya Tantra

Charya Tantra orUpa Tantra

Yoga Tantra

Yoga Tantra = 3 Sub-Divisions = 1. Ati Yoga, 2. Anu Yoga, 3.Guru Yoga

Ati Yoga –  is the highest of the three inner yogas, Great Perfection is the other name of Atiyoga. Great means that this perfection is the natural condition of all things,  Perection means that the mind, in its nature, naturally contains all the qualities of the three bodies:  1.its nature is emptiness,  the dharmakaya; 2. its natural expression is clarity, the samboghakaya, and 3. its compassion is all-encompassing, the nirmanakaya. The teachings of the Great Perfection are classified in three sections: 1.the mind section, 2.the space section , 3.the pith-in-struction section.

Anu Yoga – second of the three inner yogas. In this yoga the main stress is put on the perfection phase, particularly meditation on the Channels and energies.

Guru Yoga- third of the three inner yogas. It is a practice of mixing one’s mind with the teacher’s mind.


Perfection phase =1. “with characteristics.”, it isthe meditation on the channels and energies of the body visualized as a vajra body. 2. “without characteristics”, it is the meditation on phase during which the forms visualized in the generation phase are dissolved and one remains in the experience of emptiness.

channels and energies = excercises combining visualization , concentration and physical movements, in which the flow of subtle energies through the subtle channels is controlled and transmission and guidance, after completing the preliminaries and achieving some stability in the generation phase.

Five hundred thousand preliminaries – five tradition preliminary pracics: refuge, bodhicitta, vajrasattva, mandala and guru yoga, performed one hundred thousand times each.

Generation phase –  meditation yoga through which one purifies oneself of one’s habitual clingings to the four kinds of birth in which one meditates on forms, sounds and thoughts as having the nature of deities, mantras and wisdom.”

Channel – subtle vien in which the subtle energy circulates. he left and right principal channels rin from the nostrils to just below the navel, where they join the central channel.

Energies – lit. wind. Its characteristic is to be “light and mobile.”. ….? (coming soon)

Central channel – the central axis of the subtle body. Its exact description varies according to the particular practice. It represents non-dual wisdom.

source – “The Words of My Perfect Teacher by Patrul Rinpoche” Page  407 to 427  (Glossary)