Time-period of the Gautama Buddha

Finally, it says in the Great Treasury of Detailed Exposition:

At Varanasi, the place of the turning of Dharma Wheel, and at Vaishali,

Makkolam(the white earth place),  and the god realms.

Sisimara Hill and Kaushambi,

Atavi, Caityagiri,

Venurupa(the city of bamboos), as well as Saketa,

And at the city of Kapilavastu.

In all these places, the able one of Supreme Rebirth, live for one year each.

Twenty-three years at Koshala(Sravasti),

Four years at the forest of medicines(Bhaisajyavana),

Two years at the Burning Cave(Jvalini Cave),

And Five years at the city of Rajgir(Rajagrha),

He had spent six years of hardship practicing austerity.

Twenty-nine years in the palace of Kapilavastu,

Thus, at the age of eighty, the Conqueror,

The Supreme Holy Master entered Mahaparinirvana.