Journey to Buddhahood of Buddha Sakyamuni

When our teacher(Buddha Sakyamuni) only possessed the inclination for Buddhism, he was born as a giant cart man in the hell realm. At that his partner was very weak, could not pull the cart so the hell guard repeatedly beaten to him with a goad, out of severe understanding, he request he would share his work and not to beat him but in furious the hell guard hit hard him with the goad. At once he died and was reborn as a god.                                                                 

When he was born as a king Rabsel, he heard the name of a Buddha from his mahout which creates the thought of enlightenment. His teacher Buddha Sakya Thubpa Chenpo and Tathagata Rinchen Tsugtor, he finished the first of the three countless aeons and accomplish the first Bodhisattva stage. Then, end of the second countless aeon he accomplish the seventh stage. After this, he was born as a Brahmin boy trin, he studied Vedas from an esteemed Brahmin master, in the way finding fees for the master he met the Buddha Dipamkara, and offer him blue lotuses and spread his spotted antelope skin then laid his golden tresses as a mat, Then the Buddha Dipamkara prophesied that he shall become the future Buddha Sakyamuni, in this way he accomplish the eight ground.

Thus, by the time he worshiped the Buddha Nampar Zig, he completed the three countless aeons and perfected the ten Bodhisattva stage.

Our teacher has attained Buddhahood swiftly. Some takes thirty-two countless aeons and others take innumerable countless aeons depending on when they realize their aspirations.

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