The Council of Greater Vehicle: 

Greater vehicle was taught by the Buddha. Original compilers were Sammantabhadra, Manjusri, Guhyapati, Maitriya, etc. Among them, Maitriya compiled Vinayapitaka, Manjusri Sutrapitaka and Vajrapani Compiled the Abhidhammapitaka.

The Preservation of the Teaching and Spread of the Greater Vehicle:

After the Buddha’s nirvana, limitless number of great Arhants came forth to spread Buddha’s teaching. Such were Arhants Uttara and Yasha. Ven. Kasyapa and two kings Sujaya and Kalyana. According to teacher’s own predictions, the three authors who will have compiled fundamental texts they will be- Nagarjuna, Asanga and Dignaga. There will be three commentators: Master Aryadeva, Vashubandhu and Dharmakirti. They are well-known as the preserver of Mahayana teachings and also they are regarded as the “Six adornments of the Jammudvipa.” Separating among them two supremes (Nagarjuna and Asanga) and in remaining among four, adding once more Gunaprabha and Sakyaprabha there will be again six preserver teachers. Thus again they are regarded as “Six adornments of Jammudvipa.”