Be Poor Live Happier!~

“Be Poor Live Happier” When you’re rich, your mind is full of tension, you’re full of worries, suffering rotates around your mind, like a moon rotates around the earth. You’ve got car and… Continue reading

Why 108?

I got this article when I was just finding the picture of malas (garlands). I thought that it is a very important to know, therefore I post in my blog, hope you get… Continue reading

Just Be Yourself

Don’t be so Buddhist, just be yourself! it was said by Kalu Rinpoche, the Tibetan great incarnated lama.     I’ve just try to give my view on this topic, hope you like… Continue reading

Kindhearted Person

If you never love your parents… you can never generate a genuine love and if you never respect your friends… you can never respect to others…. learn to be a kindhearted person, and… Continue reading

There is no student without a teacher!

Without a seed there is no Flower, without Parents there is no Child as same without a Teacher there is no a Student! Some say I did this, I did that but how? How we… Continue reading

Meditation is like a Soap

Meditation is like a soap, which cleanse dirt of our body. Meditation and Soap are very same, only difference is that, soap cleanse our outer body whereas meditation cleanse our inner body, so… Continue reading

Life is uncertain

You want to practice, practice it now, you want to do something good, do it now, you want to help, do it now, anything you want to do, just do it now! because… Continue reading

Do it now!

As simple as this word… Do good to be good… Do differently to be different… You want something new in life, Do something new in life…..but do it now! because sometimes Later becomes Never…

Learn Precisely Buddhism

Buddha’s teachings are so vast and profound yet it’s so pure and so easy to understand, techniques taught by the Buddha can apply in everyday life, so supportive to all the sentient beings,… Continue reading

Life is so beautiful

If we got to know the right purpose and right method of living our life, our life is just so beautiful, no regret~ no suffer! only joy! for me I just feel so… Continue reading

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