Theravada Meditation

Theravada Meditation Technique

Reasons for believing in Buddha: His teachings lead to peace & happiness.


Buddhism is all about training our mind. If mind is wrong we go towards the wrong way, so it is very important to train our mind. Training our mind to have only a good is the purpose of meditation.                      Mind we have is very unique, difficult to understand, we are but our mind is not. One body composed by one life when my mind is not with me, there is no reason being alive. “We can taste our real life only when our body and mind is together.

No where = now & here

So your mind and body should be now and here to meditate.

In our body we have sex senses; eye, ear, nose, tongue, body & mind. But only very few times mind runs with the six sense mind that makes other senses insensible.

First of all to control our mind we must have interest, devotion, motivation, that makes us feel energetic without interest we can’t cultivate our mind with it become clever, awake, not sleepy, not dull, we become clever enough to know what is going inside us and when we are alert we are mindful.


It is a technique that calms and trains our mind to attain realization. In sense of calming our mind for e.g. in our daily life how can meditation help to maintain calmness.

If we don’t know the importance of meditation then it’s useless.

 “Don’t believe my teachings rarely rather “come and see” if you think it’s helpful then only you believe. It was said by the Buddha which is stated in “Kalama Sutta”.

Meditation can train our mind to be peaceful to be peaceful and maintain the balance of sadness & happiness in our mind.                                                                                                                           This diverts our mind from sadness to happiness but its ultimate objective it to attain true realization.

Practicing gives us the result, without it we remain as how we were nothing will develop.

Meditation is a unique teaching of the Buddha, which trains our mind to be subtle, concentrate and stable, which is very rare to find in other religions. It is a practical aspect of Buddhism. One who practices these techniques can see the real natured of the things that exists around us.

Practical aspects, Meditation is important & theorical aspects studying Tipitaka is important.

There are two kinds of meditation in Theravada Buddhism


Samatha, which is to control our wondering mind, to put one’s mind in one place or thing for a long time.

Vipassana, which is to understand ourselves more clearly so we can see things as they are. Very few people understand death is nothing. Unless we understand this, we will never realize the true nature of everything. If there is no bad aspects, thoughts, speech in us, we purify our mind is vipassana.

Note: no can remember two things at the same time.

Before starting to meditate we must have motivation that should be the first thing.

While meditating we should learn to convert these following defilements:

Craving to generosity

Hatred to loving-kindness

Delusion to wisdom

Attachment to non-self attachment

Only when we have fulfilled this, we will be a real genuine practicenor?? Of Buddhism.

The famous in Theravada Buddhism is “Anapanasati” (mindfulness) the most popular are the observation of your breathing. Nowadays mostly use in Theravadian Buddhist countries, like Myanmar, Thailand etc.

The problem remaining in the world:

Human is a social animal we can’t live separately, we must live in a society. So we must have knowledge about what is going around us.                                                                                              At the time of the Buddha and present days’ problems aren’t the same.

Problem exist because of craving (it’s mine), self is the reason of every problem, so we must convert self into non-self.