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Perception (of a water)

Perceptions of different beings for ‘water’ Hell beings = lava, firery rocks and all. Preta beings = dirty bloods Human beings = drinkable, to clean dirt God beings = nectar, lengthen their lifespan… Continue reading

Criteria of Studies & Meditation

Criteria of Studying a Buddhadhamma; A person who are learned in Buddhadhamma will always be humble and peaceful as Buddha says. In fact even the person who studies in secular colleges or universities,… Continue reading

4 Nobel Truths

Four Noble Truths is not the philosophy of Theravada but it’s of the reality of beings and the world but precisely is taught in Theravada philosophy. For more on 4 Nobel Truths click here!

A state of Non-Perception(meditation)

Sometimes meditation practices even goes in wrong direction(not completely wrong direction), which we’ll not know but in result we will get for sure,  like I’ve heard from some people talking about meditation is… Continue reading

My Teachers Word

My teacher always says us in the class “Learn any teachings of the Buddha, learn precisely, accuretly, definitely so that in future if you share it to others, you can share  a full… Continue reading

Balance Health

Nature is made of five elements(earth, water, fire, air and space). And if the five elements are kept balanced we will have a good health, a balance health. To have a good health… Continue reading

Say ‘NO’ to 5 ‘SENSES’

We have been fulfilling our wishes for our 5 sensual pleasures for countless of lifespan otherwise we have already achieved something or become something. Try to control those (5 senses) rather than fulfilling,… Continue reading

Buddhism and Science

We don’t see any contradiction between the Buddha’s teaching (Buddhadharma) and scientific researches (science). Like the Buddha has seen the reality of nature through his spiritual pure mind and can only be experience… Continue reading

Nothing is Permanent!

When 5 Aggregates are found newly than its called a Birth… Yesterday’s aggregate ceased yesterday… We don’t carry the same aggregate of yesterday’s… today~ Today’s aggregate came only after the yesterday’s aggregate… Tomorrow’s… Continue reading

Where will we go after death?

Where one will birth, afterdeath? After death where will we go? Answers: It rely on Karma (good or bad karma) Certain thought coming near birth, which can of thinking or karma, doing will… Continue reading

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