Four stages of the Formation, Existence, Destruction and absence of World  Systems.

The Buddhist cosmology talks about four stages of the formation, existence, destruction and absence of world systems, each lasting the same duration. The stage of existence begins with the long beginning which starts with a human life span of _____??(unlimited??) years and gradually decreases at the rate of two years every hundred years. When the life span reached a minimum of 10 yaers, the process reverses taking it back up 84,000 years and then drops again until it is 10 years.

This cycle beginning with the rise from 84,000?? years and ending with a drop to 10 years is known as “an intermediate aeon”. After 18 such cycles the life span climbs back to _____??(unlimited??) years gradually during a period known as “the long end”. These 18 cycles and the long beginning and end are equal in duration. After the long end, the world system begins the process of destruction, which takes the same time scale as existence. After complete destruction, the world remains absent with nothing but empty space where the world system used to be.