The basic meaning of Buddhist Ritual.

Sadhana in sanskrit – Means of accomplishment of realization method, way, technique, way the, so called Buddha-hood.

Sadha + ana = Sadhana in sanskrit

Sadha which means Technique

Ana which means to accomplish, What? So called, Buddha-hood.

A ritual is a series of means and techniques used to accomplish a spiritual goal.

It is only with the help of rituals that a Dharma practitioner gets to obtain realization.

In order for obtaining the realization it is therefore very important to know and practice the actual means and techniques that are prescribed in a ritual text.

“Understanding of ritual is to understand the whole Tripitaka”

Different techniques are used in different schools of Buddhism;

Theravadian (common vehicle) way of practicing rituals.

Mahayanist (greater vehicle)  way of practicing rituals.

Vajrayanist  (diamond vehicle) way of practicing rituals.

“Vajrayanist claims that, we can achieve Buddha-hood within one lifetime, it’s because of rituals”

“The knowledge of ritual in Buddhism is all about knowing how to accomplish freedom from samsara”