Degenerate age

Five degenerations, they are the degeneration of 1.Lifespan, 2.Negative emotions, 3.Beings, 4.Times, 5.Views.

1. Lifespan -shortlifespan.

2. Negative emotions – the five poisions increase.

3. Beings – it isdifficult to help them.

4. Times – wars and famines proliferate.

5. Views – false beliefs spreads.

“If we practice according to the instructions of our teacher, even during these degenerate times we can have a lot of hope. Guru Rinpoche’s prophecy says that time haven’t changed but beings have. Bad times occur only because of the negative actions of beings. The five degenerations have all been caused or created by beings. If we practice according to the dharma and the words of our teachers, we can protect the teachings even in this age. The best way to preserve the teachings for the future generations is to practice and practice” ~ Khenchen Pema Sherab(Khen Rinpoche)