A state of Non-Perception(meditation)


Sometimes meditation practices even goes in wrong direction(not completely wrong direction), which we’ll not know but in result we will get for sure,  like I’ve heard from some people talking about meditation is like “sit and think nothing” “while meditating do not let your mind think of  anything”, “do not think anything in meditation” something like that but according to my view, which I’ve been studying in my everyday life is that,  there is the state called “a state of non-perception” , it is the perceptionless serenity which can be achieved through practicing meditation like ‘thinking nothing’, and which is not a complete liberation, which every sentient beings seek for or wants.

                Now you must be thinking that, what is that, state so called ‘a state of non-perception’ .

“Perceptionless serenity is that which being free from attachment to the abode of Full Beauty but not free from the attachment of the realms above , it is not a steady continuance of mind and mental of states. It is the temporary bringing to cessation of all the six kinds of engaged cognitions. Such a period where mind and mental states are blocked is a new acquisition through the power of serenity which was not formerly present. Since it will again cease when merging from the serenity, it has an arising and a ceasing, yet it is a quality which is neither mind nor matter” taught by the great Rinpoche, Mipham Rinpoche in his Pandita Syanayam Avataramukha Nama Shastrasti.

In this way, having impelled by this serenity, one is born among the perceptionless gods, which is not a complete liberation which we all beings expect for, we will be still wondering around the samsara which brings us suffering now or later.

So be aware of the techniques as the (mental) level increases, choose right technique and practice.