Where will we go after death?

Where one will birth, afterdeath?

After death where will we go?


  • It rely on Karma (good or bad karma)
  • Certain thought coming near birth, which can of thinking or karma, doing will lead us in some place.

The above two answers are general answers, anyone can say to you, or maybe you’ve even heard by the seniors or teachers or even your friends. But what actually happens after death nobody knows…. but we can predict where will we go only by knowing his/her everyday behaviours, characteristics and daily activities.

In Buddhist perspectives we can predict where can we take birth in which form or which realms of existence.

Disturbing emotion brings karma which is divided into 10

7 karmas by Physically or Bodily and 3 karmas through Mind or Mentally.

And it is again divided into 10 positive actions and 10 negative actions, totalling to 20 actions. And these 20 actions can lead us to another rebirth.

First of all lets see what are those 10 Positive and Negative actions.

Negative actions:

  • Bodily or Physically
  1. Killing
  2. Stealing
  3. Sexual misconduct
  • Verbally
  1. Telling lie
  2. Divisive speech
  3. Harsh words
  4. Idle gossip or useless chatter
  • Mentally
  1. Being covetous or Abertenious
  2. Ill will or Hamming
  3. Wrong views

And the positive actions are just opposite to these 10 negative actions.

Cause of birth in lower realms: through negative actions!

  1. Angermind + Anger thought = Hell Realm
  2. Attachment, emotions & desire + negative actions = Preta Realm
  3. Strong Ignorance + Create karma = Animal Realm

Cause of birth in higher realms: through positive actions!

  1. Strong positive action = Heaven or Formless Realm
  2. Middle positive action = Form Realm
  3. Inferior positive action = Human Realm



  • Metal iron fire = Strongest
  • Strong/High = Sandal Wood = Stronger
  • So-so/Middle = Normal Wood = little more
  • Low/ Soft = Grass fire = can face!

Hell Suffering = Metal Iron Fire

Preta Suffering = Sandal Wood

Animal Suffering = Normal Wood

Human Suffering = Grass Fire

Animal Suffering = Normal wood