There is no student without a teacher!

Without a seed there is no Flower, without Parents there is no Child as same without a Teacher there is no a Student!

Some say I did this, I did that but how? How we are able doing that or do this?

If in our childhood, if there were no parents to teach us, to walk, to talk and so on, would we able to be what we are today, now? No! So Parents are our first teacher!

As for the teacher and a student relationship, it is a very important relationship. In Buddhism we must find and recognize a very true and a genuine master, who teaches a true path to liberation, and as for the student, we must believe the teacher as the Buddha himself. We must follow his every steps and methods, in Vajarayana Buddhism as well as other schools, Teacher and a student relationship are the most important.

And about the Buddha Shakyamuni himself, he too had a teacher before he attained enlightenment, and yea! Someother schools’ philosophy does say many other things but I believe and what I study it says that he had a teacher, like firstly when he just step in practice to know the truth he had trained an asceticism with a two teacher and again later in the night he attained enlightenment, his inner body went to Akanishta Heaven, where he got empowerment from the Buddha Samantabhadra, therefore he demonstrate in the Bodhi tree, at BodhGaya, India. As written in VajrayanaPhilosophy

As the Buddha’s history itself tells us that without a teacher there will be no any teacher.

Well I wrote this blog therefore to just clarify that We must not tend to think teacher as something, nothing, we must respect our teacher as in Buddhist approach, while studying Buddhist teachings we must see our present teacher as the Buddha himself, and his teachings.

Hope you like! Well I’m not a professional writer, but I tried, there are lots of information about the relationship between a teacher a student. Later I will link some important document and website later!