Learn Precisely Buddhism

Buddha’s teachings are so vast and profound yet it’s so pure and so easy to understand, techniques taught by the Buddha can apply in everyday life, so supportive to all the sentient beings, so useful, yet there are so few to practice Dharma genuinely and few misunderstood it…… the whole Tripitaka is a Buddhist ritual, therefore any method from his teachings can take you out from samsara….. or can make your life better in living 🙂 so my friends I give u an advice in learning Buddhism, firstly learn precisely, just don’t run in finishing the topic or book, take time and learn precisely and next apply it, whatever you’ve learned in practical, by practicing meditation whether samatha or vipassana. Try this method, soon you’ll get better result! need just a little bit of effort at first, than later it will move smoothly just as a big cart-wheel.

Learn precisely is the word that my teachers always says.